new year, new blog? ... even though it's the end of feb?

I doubt anyone will actually read this, but this is probably the 5th blog I've made in the last 2/3 years. I just can't stick with one, I get bored or I forget it's acknowledgment and completely lose the plot. I'm just not good at these things, but I will try this time!

If I fail ... I think everyone should have the right to hit me. (I totally take that back)

Right, so... I guess it all starts here... a "new leaf" ... a new blog.


Here's me, right now, being awkward.....

 I don't actually know what kind of look I was going for.. I think I was aiming for a "don't be awkward, but don't look like a fool ... or a poser" but i managed to do exactly that. The teeth just don't help, I just look like a rat.. oh gosh. Well, hello there anyway!

Here, I'll be posting whatever's on my mind. The mind of a 16-going-on-17-year-old.
 Hmm, this should be interesting...

What's your opinion?