I've been meaning to do an Outfit Of The Day for quite sometime now, but I'm just way too lazy to do so! So here goes nothing...!

Oh, if only you could see my face right now... I'm so sorry that I look SO terrible. I look even terrible than usual! HA, but never mind that!

This is the print of the skirt > 

This is the outfit close up. Fail as I've just realised, I'm wearing two different vest tops in these pictures, my badness! That piece of string on the picture on the right is from the skirt. It was on sale and probably on sale because it had a little slit in it! Of course I didn't know that at the time, but I don't regret buying it, I can get my mother to sew that up for me ;)

Top  - £3 - Primark
Leopard Print Chiffon Skirt - £7 - New Look
Black Cardigan - It was my Grandmother's :) 

What's your opinion?