My life in pictures & life update #4

I got an email from Soundcloud to say that my cover has had nearly 100 downloads, it made me seriously happy! // Me and Ellie (today) rocking the same earrings // I had Pot Noodles for the first time in years, it was yummy // Went to Office and lovely Ellie took a photo for me wearing them, they're really nice and comfortable // Sian, Me, Juliet and Shekinah and I proudly smiling and posing with the TW poster that we saw // I got my Hackney Weekend ticket! // My mum's birthday cake // Creepers that I saw in Office, beautiful // Me and Ellie being wacky! ;)

What's your opinion?

  1. im so jelous that your going to the hackney weekend!!

  2. Love those shoes! Thanks for following my blog, I have followed yours back! Love the cursor btw!!xx

    1. They're so beautiful!! No problem, I really love your blog! Hahaha, thanks! :D xx