My life in pictures & life update #5

Emily Blunt & Jason Segel - My favs, on C4. // Drinking Hot Chocolate, mmm tasty. // Me & Vanese saw a The Wanted poster on the escalators, we went round twice to get a good pic of it! - Obviously didn't get a very good one! // Me and my niece have fun, fun, fun! // There was a car in school for an art exhibition that was happening // Photos taken in 2010 of me, Vanese & Rafaella in Camden // A new shirt, that you actually can't see very well / A beautiful poster // Went to Starbucks a few weeks ago and I got a Panini and Cookie Crumble frapp! :)

Hello everyone, I haven't posted properly in AGES! I'm so sorry. (Not that you care..!) Anyway, hopefully I shall have some exciting post coming up in the near future :) I'll be having a blog OOTD takeover by Jenni coming up very soon! :D

Ta ta for now lovely dovey's :) xx

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