My life in pictures & life update #6

I got Katy Perry lashes to review // Ordered a nail wheel, been painting and doing little designs // Bella looking all cute and what not // I cut some jeans into shorts, thinking of cutting them shorter & dip-dyeing them? // It's summer - Why not be a cat for a day?! // With the inspiration of Flozey, I cut out magazines to write lyrics // Olympic Torch Relay Finale gig (The Wanted, You Me At Six & More!) & BT London Live gig (McFly) tickets, chilling on the refrigerator // More words // I was messing about with dark lippy!

Fun times at Juliet's BBQ // My nail designs // More fun times at Juliet's! // A tattoo I really want to get // My mum was an extra in Eastenders and she got this photo taken, it cracks me up! // Biscuits! // Morrisons lunch (It wasn't very nice) // Prom photo with Loren & Vanese <3 // Birds :)

Yesterday at the Hyde Park Olymic Relay Torch gig with Juliet, Emily, Sian and Vanese // Vanese being a total legend at the gig // Me, Juliet & Sian at the gig!

What's your opinion?

  1. Your nails in the picture above look amazing! I also love the Katy Perry lashes on you very glam they don't look as long in the box!

    Saw your blog from the facebook group! x

    1. Aww, thank you!

      Yeah, I agree! They're really lovely, I need to buy them again :)

      Oh, why thank you for looking at this post :) xx