You might laugh, you might frown, walking round London town.

Hello there! 
Yesterday me and Vanese went on a little trip to Camden & Oxford Street. I have been to Camden & Oxford Street so many times before, but now that I blog.. it feels different going there? good different!
I saw a Lianne La Havas billboard. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.
We went into American Apparel and saw the famous "Disco Pants"

 Hahaha, it was so funny. There are loads of chinese food stalls in Camden Market. I was walking past and they all verbally attacked me! But this lady did have a good deal - 6 spring rolls for £1, I couldn't say no!
 I do realise that the one right in the front looks super gross - it was tasty.
 Horse-ing around...

 This was so beautiful. The music playing was so amazing. If you go to Camden make sure you look inside here, it's all tribally. So amazing.
I felt I had to take a picture of these giant robot things, especially because the one on the left has boobies!
On the way to Oxford Street and see the Friends With Kids poster - great film!

 I tried on this neon pink, rather long dress

 I also tried on these boots, they were really nice.
I'm not a weirdo, I just thought it was cool that this child had an angry birds jacket! (There were like 4 other children with them. They are badass children)

So today I wore this - 

And I only bought/brought? I fail at those two words. I only got two things today, I spent so much money on my oyster card and it ended up being on minus at the end of my journey. *sigh* can't win!

 This was £1 from River Island in their sale and I saw it and was like .. £1 .. I can't not!
Here's a  clearer picture of this *which isn't mine*

And in Camden I got this dress.

It's a burgundy, heart printed dress. It stinches in at the waist and is pleated on the bottom half.
Comes with a brown or black belt. I didn't think the black belt went with it very well so obviously chose the brown belt. It is layered very differently.. you could call it dip hemmed? but it's a very little dip. But if you pull the top of it up, it could be a proper dip hemmed dress.

 Please excuse the dropped packet of crisps!
The belt in the dress looks rather annoying in these pictures, it doesn't permanently stay up like that!

When I saw this dress I was like woah.. this dress is just .. beautiful. And then the lovely and loud guy who worked at the stall where I saw this beauty was so lovely, he called me and Vanese "Bomm shack ka la" girls...! hahahaha and then he asked if I liked the dress and he was super lovely and negotiated a deal with me! It was originally £18 but I wasn't too sure if I like it so he said £12 so I went for it! I'm still not 100% sure on it, but well.. what's done is done!!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading :)

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