My life in pictures & life update #7

(Yes, that is a strike though the "week" in the title, hahaha!)
[Vanese won a competition to have an intimate gig with Lawson & meet them]
Me and Vanese with Lawson // Got a free signed CD (hallelujah to free things!) // Me and Vanese on our way to London // Popped into M&M world :)
[Sleepover at me and Vanese's yard]
The lovely Juliet gave me a makeover (she used her Naked  palette, I loves it!) // Mirror shot, heck yeah // Fun times with Sian.
Cheeky pictures with Honey (Juliet's dog) and Bella (my cat) 

[I went to Summer In The City]
Me and Louis // Me and Rafael :)

Tried on these shorts in New Look, they were beautiful // I had to take a pic of this, would you have guessed that they're having a sale? .. no, me neither. // Baby Ally & Vanese // I purchased this book, it's such a good read.

What's your opinion?

  1. Looks like you've had a fun month. ;) Love your summer in the city pictures!


    1. I did! Thanks, too bad you weren't there, silly child!