You're never fully dressed without a smile

Black sheer shirt - Primark - £4.00
Blue skirt - Charity Shop - £3.50
(Thanks Sian for taking the pictures with your amazing camera!)

Hello, feels like I haven't been on here in ages!
 I was very happy when I bought this skirt. It's so beautiful. I picked it up and was like "gurl, you know you gotta get this". I also picked up some shorts which I may or may not do another OOTD post on! 
We'll see. I've really been loving Conor Maynard's new album "Contrast" it has some pretty epic songs. My favourite one is called "Animal", it's a beast. I've also been listening to Annie the musical, songs.. hence the title of this post! It's my favourite musical, I love it so much. Hmm, I haven't really been watching the Olympics, that's really bad isn't it? Oh dear. What am I like?! Anyway, I'm going to shut up and stop rambling on. I'm so annoying, god. Bye, thanks for reading. 

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Thank you to everyone/anyone who's ever read a post of
mine and/or followed me, I really appreciate it. 
Thank you :)

What's your opinion?

  1. such a cute outfit! i love the blouse :)


  2. Hey, I have nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award :)

  3. gorgeous girl, love your shirt and collar tips xx

  4. love the studded collar!
    (and your moustache cursor!)
    Hannah x confessioncloset.blogspot.com