Hello :)

Yesterday I did a bit of shopping - went into my local charity shops and in one they were selling Levi shorts for £1. Of course, I bought all the ones in my size! I ended up buying 4 pairs, I'm still in shock.

I thought it would be cool to style them in a day to night. I did it in a video and I took some pictures, so you can watch the video and look at the pictures? Hahaha, I'm not sure why I've done both but .. YOLO!

(Please excuse my hair, it is very very messy!)

The first outfit is casual and I think something I could wear to college. I love this
 checked/plaid shirt, I bought it in 2010 and I found it about a month ago and now
 I'm obsessed again. I picked up some tights yesterday, but I later on found out
 that I actually picked up knee high's.. honestly, Ally!  


This is my  night outfit, I got this blazer a week or two ago, 
I'm completely in love! It's sparkly, but you can't really see that with
my poor quality blackberry! I styled it with a plain white shirt because
I don't have a "fancy" shirt that would go with the shorts. 

What's your opinion?

  1. your so pretty!!! xxx

  2. Wow £1 Levi shorts, that is amazing!


  3. Great outfits, wow levi shorts for £1 is crazy! x