Today, I'm laughing the clouds away.

Hello there, happy Halloween!
 Once again I am doing an OOTD with an item of Vanese's.
It's fine, she loves me, s'cool!

This outfit probably isn't the best for the weather/season, but I'm sure if I popped on a cardigan & wore some tights I could make it more season-appropriate! 
I'm sorry that these pictures are in such bad quality. 
The laptop webcam is probably the most decent. I need a camera!
I wore my dress underneath because it has a cute patten and the top is sheer. 
Here is me showing you that this shirt is bat-winged, I think that's what you call it?

I found my mum's trapper hat that she got last year. (I think I may have to take it from her)
I put on red lippy and put some effort into my eyeliner. 

Burgundy shirt - Vanese's
 Skirt - Charity Shop
Lipstick - Ruby Red by Collection
Eyeliner - Collection

How amazing is McFly's new song Love Is Easy?
 The video and the song is just so perfect. McFly are awesome! 
Also, how amazing is Taylor Swift's new album Red?! 
My favourite songs are Everything Has Changed, Begin Again, The Last Time and State Of Grace.

I was so happy when I tweeted my last
 post "Pick Of The Week - Peter & Kerry" because I got these.. I am a happy bunny :D


What's your opinion?

  1. you look great, wish i had a sister to steal clothes from!

  2. The shirt is soo nice, nice styled up. xx

  3. This is really cute, I always get so cold though that I never feel pretty in my massive jumper and coats! Great outfit.
    Erica xo

    1. Thank you! I agree, I wore this outfit today but it just wasn't good for the weather, big jumpers it is! x

  4. love the trapper hat, great for keeping the cold at bay! Love your skirt too =) xx

    1. Thanks! I agree, it's so warm and cosy on my head and cheeks. Thank you! :) X

  5. You look soo cute in that hat xxx