Laugh until we think we'll die, barefoot on a summer night.
Never could be sweeter than with you.

I wore this to college today, hence the good quality pictures!
I saw this jumper in Primark it was reduced from £12 to £5. I haven't shown that much of it, but the sleeves are a different patten than the front. It's a cute jumper. I didn't like how the jumper looked on me by itself, so I thought it would look nice with my Skater Skirt.

I am in love with this coat that I bought yesterday in a charity shop for £6. Such a bargain.
It's really comfortable and it's really clean! I plan on keeping it like that, but having a cat that malts like crazy doesn't help, but I do have a lint roller so that's quite helpful!

Lastly, this bag. This bag. I wasn't too keen on it, but I looked at it today and I realised how beautiful it is.
I love the many buckle's and the straps on it. I seriously needed a new bag. I carry around tiny bags that can only fit my little things in, but this has lots of little pockets inside and out so I put all the things I want to carry with me, with me!

I'm going to wear this outfit to the Bloggers Popcouture event on Thursday. Are any of you going?

I'm forever sorry about the awkward positions in this post, but me and Vanese thought we'd be awesome and take them whilst in college and were on the great quality macs haha.

What's your opinion?

  1. love love love love love love :) xx

  2. Your outfit looks so cute in these photos! Love the top especially!

    New follower :)