A Case Of You

Around two weeks ago I purchased this lovely dress from Ebay. It's originally from Topshop and I grabbed it for £2.40! I was so happy when it came but I do not like how long it is. I think if I were taller it would look better but, I'm not, so it doesn't do my height any justice. I love the dress so I thought I could see what I could do to make it look better.

I matched up the dress with this neon jumper that I borrowed from my sister
(I think she forgot that she let me borrow it, but ssh!) It's one of those dresses you can tuck under, so I tucked it in with the jumper and made it look more like a skater skirt. I've been buying so many summer clothes recently and I have no regrets!

How amazing is this song? James Blake has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.

What's your opinion?

  1. I love that dress! It looks so good with that jumper and I love the colour. I wish I had topshop where I live!

    Also, I have nominated you for a Liebster award! I made a blog post explaining it :)



    1. Thank you! Oh my, I thought they did Topshop's everywhere!
      Thank goodness there's places like Ebay where you can get them for cheaper and sent to you, eh! AWWW thanks so much Georgia! X

  2. I love what you did there! Never even thought about making dresses look like skirts.. inspired me! :) Great outfit xx

    Mona xx

  3. love love love this outfit Ally, the whole thing looks gorge!

  4. such a cute outfit!! i love the yellow, gives the outfit some colour. so stylish!! <3 <3