Lush T-Shirts

On Twitter Lush T-Shirts were looking for bloggers to collaborate with. 
I looked at their website and of course, said that I'd be interested.. and here we are today!

Lush have T-Shirts for every occasion - from Hen nights to Mothers Day!
The majority of their shirts have text on them, my favourite is probably "Drop Me Out" because I love Rylan hahaha. When I was looking through their website I came across this Moustache shirt that was a special edition for Movember and I completely fell in love! The shirt came the day after I was told it got sent off, I was amazed. They are currently in the making of designing more shirts for the ladies as there is more men shirts than women's. I'm very excited.

I dislike those shirts with prints on & you can see the outline, but not this one.. this one is perfect. You can't see the outline & it just feels super soft. I ordered it in a "standard unisex" but I did find that it's way too big. I tucked it in to my jersey skater skirt & wore it with a gold chain & brown boots. I also rolled up the sleeves & wore Vanese's Rimmel London - 107 lipstick.

I completely love the way the shirt looks with the lipstick and the gold chain. I like men's shirts way better than women's because men's shirts always lay just above the collar bone and I love that!
This outfit is definitely another one to add to my "summer outfits"

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What's your opinion?

  1. hehe - love statement tees at the mo.

    I love how you have made your clicker/navigator a tashe too :)

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    Thanks! Charlie xx

  2. So awesome, great post! Would've loved to have been part of that collaboration! X

  3. Cute!

  4. i love this look . too cutieee :))


  5. You look soo damn cute! Love that tee xx