We’ve come too far to be turning back

I am so sorry for the depressing facial expression!
Jacket, Shirt - Charity Shop // Jeans - New Look via Ebay 

Hi there, long time no post! I've had a week break from blogging because I was starting to get that "this is feeling more like a chore than a hobby" kinda feeling, so I thought having a mini break would do me some good. And boy did it, I've started watching Revenge, season 2. I am so hooked. I'm not even nearly finished but oh-my-goodness it's taking up all my time. 

I bought these Acid Wash Jeans last year for £22 from New Look and returned them (I later regretted that!) and magically last week I found them and won them on  Ebay bid and only got them for £10. Horray for Ebay! I found it really difficult to pair anything with these jeans, but I came across this shirt.. and here we are today! I found this coat from a charity shop, it's a size bigger, but it looks really nice oversized! It's so comfy and I think it goes well with most outfits! BYE :)

What's your opinion?

  1. I love this outfit, especially the jacket and shoes! (-;

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    1. Awww, that's so lovely! Thank you so much :D x

  3. Great post!
    A new follower :)

  4. Great outfit :) x


  5. the outfit is just perfect! love the jacket!