Haul - Charity shops, H&M, Primark + Giveaway Winner :)

Me and Vanese went shopping today and I thought I'd do a haul since I haven't done one in forever!
I really love everything I bought, I think this has been my most successful shopping trip ever!

Levi 501's - £5 - Charity Shop (Similar)
I saw these shorts from across the road so when I walked in I ran over and  then I saw they were in my size and Levi's! I tried them on and I love how high waisted they are, I have some "high waisted" shorts but they aren't very high waisted on me, so I am very happy I found these! I'm thinking of making them cut offs?

Grey Jumper - £3 Charity Shop (similar)
I found this jumper in the mens section and bought it straight away. I'd say it's gutting that I won't be able to wear it until winter but the weather over here is terrible so I'll probably be wearing this next week! I love the polo neck and the softness of it.
Black shoes - £5 - Charity Shop
I found these in the mens section and thought they were nice. This picture does them no justice, but they are very nice! I decided to get them since all mine are all getting old and damaged.
Purse - £3 - Charity Shop // Wooden thing - 75p - Charity Shop
I got this lovely purse for three pounds, my previous ones weren't very coin friendly so I thought this would do the job! And then I got this little wooden thing, I'm going to put all my jewellery in it!
White sunglasses - £2.50 // Blue sunglasses - £1 // Flower Headband - £2.00 // Frilly socks - £1.50 // 
- All Primark.
Primark have the best selection of sunglasses. The weather is getting a bit better now so I think I might be able to actually wear my sunglasses!! I love this headband, it's so nice and I love the way Vanese styled hers with a donut (check it out here) we wanted to get the big flower ones but Primark's ones aren't that nice. I got these socks to go with the black shoes I got, they look lovely together.
Chunky Gold Chain - £5.99 - H&M 
I've been wanting a chunky gold chain for ages now and I've been seeing people purchase theirs from H&M but my H&M doesn't have the best stock, but when I went in today they finally had the necklace! It's going to look so nice with everything, I can't wait to style it!

Sorry this post is so long, I like to talk!

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway with Miss Luxe, the winner is Lorna

See you next time, bye! 

What's your opinion?

  1. A lovely haul - I LOVE the shorts! :)

    Grace X


    1. Thank you! I'm so excited to wear them :) x

  2. This is such a good haul! We love charity shops, you got some great bargains :)

    Charlotte and Tori

  3. Amazing amazing and amazing. Love everything... really.


  4. Love this haul Allyanya. You're my all time favourite shopping partner! *may the odds be ever in your favour... GOODBYE!*


    1. Shoot gurl, we need to go on another one! GOODBYE X

  5. OMG- i love every single item of your haul! so great! i have the same chunky golden necklace by h&M and i love this piece! =)

    Check out my latest OOTD :-)

    1. Eeeh, thank you! Ah yes, it's SO lovely :D

  6. greay haul i love those denim short, you have picked up some great bargains!



  7. Hello Ally,

    I'm also taking the freedom of leaving you this comment because I'm currently working on a fashion-related dissertation for my MSc. I'm doing a survey about the perception of young women towards today's fashion luxury brands, and if you, or any of your lovely reader, could take 5 mins and complete it, that would help me a lot :)
    Here the link of my survey: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/s/2SQNKSV
    Thank you very much!

    Lou ♥

    Ps: Love the necklace from H and M

  8. Great haul! Loving the Handm chain and Primark flower headband :)
    Saadiya x


  9. so lovin' this haul, you got a lot of cute items. lovely blog as well, would love it if we could follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin'? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to. & have a great week.


  10. nice haul, love your blog

    1. Thank you so much, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

  11. great haul. The shoessss. I love the shoes