Music | Birdy's album launch

Last weekend on Facebook I saw that Birdy had a competition to go to her album launch and hear previews of her new album. To enter you had to say what going to a Birdy show means to you. I entered not thinking I'd win as I literally entered a couple of hours before it ended, but on Monday morning I got an email to say that I'd won! I could bring a plus one so of course I chose to go with Vanese

The event was held the next day (Tuesday 16th) at The Royal Horseguards hotel in London. Inside was absolutely beautiful; chandeliers, hanging lights, a massive broken disco ball, millions of books on shelves. We were greeted by waiters with canap├ęs and wine. Yes, I did have a cheeky glass of red wine! 
After waiting a bit, Birdy finally came on stage. I really loved what she was wearing - an oversized floral blouse tucked into black jeans. She played a few new songs and old ones. No words can describe how enticing her voice is. It's really shocking that she's only seventeen, she has such a strong, mature yet delicate voice. When her last album came out it was all I'd listen to. I honestly thought she wouldn't be able to top her last one, but wow.. she really hit the nail on the head. The new songs are so relateable and so different from what's in the charts today. She would play the piano for one song and then get up and play guitar for the next. All the scenery and her voice made everything so perfect. Whilst she was playing I had to just close my eyes and just take it all in for a moment. 
I honestly can't pick a favourite song because they were all pretty amazing. I'm so excited to hear the songs she didn't perform. I love the song that will be her next single "Wings". I've got a video of it, but I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to put it up as it's not even out yet, but I will tell you my favourite lyrics from it "under a trillion stars, we danced on top of cars, took pictures of the stage, so far from where we are". I've told myself not to watch any of the videos before the album comes out so I don't ruin the magic!

After she performed there was a meet and greet. I was surprised to see that she's so normal, not to say that she should act in a different way, but obviously not everyone at her age who is well known would stay so normal. It felt more like she was a friend than Birdy! I'm so grateful to have got the opportunity to go to this event. I'm hoping she'll play some shows when her album comes out, I need to see her again!
Her album will be available on September 23rd in the UK and make sure to check out the video below that has snippets of two new songs from her album, the first being Wings. I see big things happening for Birdy.

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