Back to school : Part 1 // I'm just a child trying on the world & it's too big for me

So I'm dedicating my blog to 'back to school' this week. I think it's all going to be outfits, maybe a video haul with Vanese - but I'm still not sure! I go back to college on the 11th so I'm probably really late as I know most have started school/college these last two weeks. Anyhoo, I'm doing this kind of £50 challenge with  Epiphany Search to spend at Tesco Clothing and create my perfect back to school look. That post will be up on Friday!

I got this top a while ago from Primark. I got it in a size up but I don't like the sleeves, I wish they were more fitted around the arms and it's a bit too oversized than I'd like! (I complain but I know I'll buy more!) anyway, when I put on these jeans with this shirt it actually made the shirt look half decent! I then topped it off with these beautiful chelsea boots I picked from Tesco! I love how they look with the jeans (I think they'll look amazing with a black skinny pair). I then I wore my new Sleek lipstick in Mulberry (dark a/w lipsticks posts coming up soon!) and my Primark cross necklace! I think this outfit would be just a nice casual outfit for college and when it gets chillier I can just pop on a nice jacket on top or change the shirt for a nice jumper. 

What's your opinion?