Back to school : Part 3 || Freshers Fashion

It's my last weekend before college starts back on Wednesday and I'm not dreading it.. this summer has been so repetitive, I feel like I need a change! This is the last part of my mini Back To School series and I'm taking part in "Freshers Fashion" with Epiphany Search. I had £50 to spend at Tesco Clothing to create my perfect first week back at uni/college and this is what I've chosen!
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Tesco's Women's clothing is so nice! When deciding what to pick, I went for things that are more like essentials that you'll need for college/uni. J'adore T-shirt : I picked this one specifically because of the chain, it adds such a nice touch and allows me to be jewellery free! I'm a big fan of grey because it's like black, you can literally wear it with anything, so I'm glad I chose this versatile piece. I love the the J'adore on the shirt also, most fonts on printed shirts these days are way too big and attention seeking, so it was nice to see one that wasn't too bold. I was going to pair this with black jeans but the jeans I ordered didn't come in time so I decided to wear it with my black skater skirt and to go with the black and gold colour scheme, I added my black belt with a gold buckle! Black Cardigan : Black cardigans are something I think everyone should have. They go with everything and I like that this one helps with the transition into winter, it's not too chunky but it's not the thinnest. I shall be wearing the crap out of this. Lastly.. these beautiful Chelsea Boots : I couldn't believe that they were only £18! They are my new favourite things right now. I've been wearing them to death and they just look so beautiful with everything. As I said, I wanted to wear this outfit with jeans but they hadn't arrived yet, but I think they still look good with a skirt! They are pointed and have little gold hole-punctured detailing on them. Chelsea boots are something most people have and they just always look good. I think these will also be good for transitioning into winter, but also great for winter! Although, I wouldn't suggest wearing them in winter when it's raining or snowing. I'd suggest some Clarks (Great for ladies shoes uk) boots for winter, they have such a good range! I want to get my hands on these beauts. I like the idea of black boots for winter, but I also love brown ones. These chelsea boots are really comfortable and will quite possibly be worn everyday and I'm still in shock at how cheap they are, my goodness! 

This term I'm excited to start fresh. Last year I lacked motivation, but my goal for this last year is to move past from that and do as much work as I can and do myself proud! I'm also really excited to start wearing my new clothes and for winter to arrive! <3

What are you excited for this term?

What's your opinion?

  1. I can't wait to whip out my woolly winter jumpers! It's so frustrating being stuck in limbo between seasons at the moment.

    1. It's annoying, I'm so unsure of what to wear! But it's been getting chillier, so that's good :)

  2. love this, I can't wait for winter to arrive!x

  3. This outfit is really amazing!! Love your skirt and the shirt so much! Your hairstyle goes perfectly with this look!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  4. Love the outfit and that skirt is to die for.xx