PerksOfBeingAlly 2nd Birthday & Bill's Restaurant

Two years ago on February 28th 2012 I made this blog. I'm honestly so shocked I've stuck it out for another year as I've been way more busy than when I first started blogging. Since this past year my blog has grown so much; I only had 183 followers and I now have over 300, I produce much better content (I'm loving just doing outfits and wishlists). I just love blogging as it's my own space, I get to do what I want to do and when I want to do it, it's such a fun escape. Here's to another year! <3

On a different note.. a couple of weeks ago I went to Bill's in Covent Garden with Vanese and Sian. I've seen lots of good reviews on Bill's so I was really excited to try it out. When we arrived I fell in love with the scenery, it was all so cute and homey. On the walls were hundreds of sauces that you can purchase, the tables had candles on them and when it got dark they'd light them all up and the room looked so beautiful. When we sat down we were offered drinks and decided to get water, the water came in a large glass jug which was useful since the cups were quite small and it would be annoying to keep asking for more water. 
Everything on the menu sounded amazing and I'm pretty sure I've never seen such an inexpensive one before! I went with the Halloumi and Hummus burger with Skinny Sweet Potato Fries which was served on a wooden board, I'm a big lover of hummus, so paired with Halloumi.. I was bound to fall in love. And Underneath is a picture of Vanese's Cod Fish Finger Sandwhich with Fries which she said she also loved!

Bill's was such a nice restaurant and the staff were very friendly, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to go to out to eat but doesn't want to spend too much.They also have free wifi, so they've basically won me over. I'll definitely be visiting again <3

What's your opinion?

  1. Yummy!!!
    Great pictures, sweety)