Hello friends
I do apologise for my impromptu break from blogging, life has been all over the place and I didn't really feel I had anything to blog about. Things have calmed down now and I have collected some basic clothing essentials that will be great for university. 

Striped Top - Primark (via Depop) - £5

Stripes are always a yes, they look good dressed up with a big statement necklace and dressed down with jeans. I like this top because it's boxy and more black than white and that just makes it easier to wear with everything. I've been wearing this non-stop and won't be stopping anytime soon!

Rib Crop Tees in white, indigo and pink - Topshop - £8

I usually go for Primark dupes of Topshop items but the colours they had were so pretty, I just couldn't resist! These crop tops fit perfectly on me and will be very nice in winter to layer up with a chunky cardigan. I also bought a cute dainty necklace for when I wear these tops, I'll show you soon!

Long Sleeve Rib Crop Top - Topshop - £10

I couldn't take a decent photo of this top and that makes me sad because this top is so pretty. I was on a hunt for a black long sleeved top and found this, I can already see myself wearing this to death. 

High Shine PU A-Line Skirt - Urban Oufitters - £15

I've been wanting an A-line skirt for such a long time but the only ones I could find were either not black or at prices no one should even think about paying! One day I was surfing around on UO and found this skirt in the sale down from £40 with only my size left.. now you may not believe in fate but you definitely do now! This skirt is the best thing that has happened to me since my skater skirt. It skims past the chubby bits and is the perfect length. 

The only time you will see me wear jeans is on my blog and the last time I actually wore jeans outside my house was probably in 2010. I don't think any of my friends have seen me in them and I doubt my family even remember what I look like in them! I've never found a pair of jeans that look decent on me but I remember watching Gracie's video on "Jeans for Curves" and I know I don't have curves (barley even have a waist) but the way she talked about these sounded like everything I need. They are the most perfect pair of jeans I've ever put on my legs, they tuck me in, feel like cosy cusions and are the perfect mix of jeans and leggings. So I would just like to thank Gracie and ASOS for introducing me to my new bae <3 

What's your opinion?

  1. I love that striped top! So great for uni, I think I need to purchase one myself!
    Great post :)

    1. You should, it's so wonderful! Thank you lovely <3

  2. Ugh, it takes me so long to find the perfect pair of jeans! I am in desperate need of a staple black pair so I shall definitely have to check these out.

  3. That striped top looks amazing and it's from Primark!

    I'm loving your blog right now :)


  4. that stripy top is perfect... love it x