The lack of footwear I have is unreal, every year there is a perfect pair of boots that I cannot afford and when winter arrives I'm left wearing flats. Recently I was looking around on the TKMAXX site and came across these babies. Other than the fact that they are insanely beautiful, the prices that they are is crazy. The platform boots are £24.99 and the chelsea boots are £19.99. I bought them both seeing as they were so cheap and the price combined is what I'd pay for one pair anyway. I've been wearing both non-stop and can't believe they are so cheap and such good quality, I was expecting the heels and platforms to be foamy or plastic but they're really sturdy. I'd definetely recommend everyone check out TKMaxx's footwear section, they have so many boots and shoes at great prices. I'm excited to wear these two during winter.

What's your opinion?

  1. These are so so lovely! I definitely need to head to TkMaxx! x

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  3. Just found your blog and love it, the shoes look so nice x
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  4. TK Maxx is great! You have to be willing to go for a good rummage but the best bargains can be found. Love your choices!
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    lily x