Hello there, long time no see! Today I bring you my March favourites and a new blog domain. I've wanted to buy a domain for so long but always thought "it's not the right time" but I recently asked myself the question, when is the right time? Never, so just do it! On to my favourites..

100 Days Happier by Domonique Bertolucci - £7.99

I've always liked books on happiness but have never actually purchased one. I don't like the ones that try and tell you how to be happy as they're usually very long and I don't have the patience, but I came across 100 Days Happier in Waterstones and after one glance inside, I decided I'd have to buy it! Each page features a different inspirational message, my favourite one so far is the one shown above. Waking up and reading a new page instantly puts me in a good mood for my day!

Pure Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used for many things, maybe even too much! I wanted it because my hair was not in a good state. For as long as I can remember, relaxing my hair "solved" everything - I never had a worry. Since coming to uni, I had noticed my hair was not as healthy as it should be, therefore I decided to go all natural and start using products that were only going to do good for my hair. For a couple of months I started using cheap hair lotions and washing it too frequently which caused my hair to go super dry and remain unhealthy looking. After some research, I'd seen a lot of people swear by coconut oil. I then purchased a tiny £3.99 pot from my pharmacy and after using it for a good month, I noticed my hair was getting thicker, re-growing, getting longer and I had no hair breakage. It saved me! Now I can confidently say that my hair is back on track! P.S I found this big jar of coconut oil in Tesco for a small price of £2!

Zara striped top - £9.99

If you know me, you'll know how much I love stripes. My obsession will never die out, specially when Zara have amazing tops like this one on sale! This was £9.99 from their TRF collection and I'm pretty much obsessed. The material is so soft and because the stripes are so tight, it makes it so easy to wear with pretty much anything. I have another striped top from Zara that I got in January and I've probably worn it at least once a week to this day. The quality is amazing and hasn't let me down yet (unlike Primark!). Their TRF collection has so many nice and inexpensive tops, I'm definitely going to have to purchase some more.

Rimmel Lip Liner - Indian Pink| Bourjois Rouge Edition - Frambourjoise| New Look - Light Grey

Rewinding back to my 2015 resolutions post, one goal was to find the perfect red lipstick and lets all cheer because I have done just that! The combination of Rimmel London's Lasting Finish lip pencil in "004 - Indian Pink" and Bourjois' Rouge Edition Velvet in "Frambourjoise" it's more pink, but that still counts right? these two together make the perfect match, I wear this everyday and always get compliments.
I've also fallen in love with this New Look nail varnish in "08 - Light Grey" a couple of months ago I came across an old freebie nail varnish from a Company Magazine and couldn't get enough, it was tiny so I only got one use out of it. I searched for other nail varnish in a similar colour and came across this one, it's got a purple hint to it but is pretty much the exact colour. It's such a lovely and different colour.

River Island Chunky Boots - £10

Lastly, these boots. I always go to River Island during their sales periods to grab a cheap pair of boots, but they never have my size (Vanese gets all the luck!). For the longest time I've been wanting to add some chunky boots to my footwear collection and I somehow got very lucky and came across these babies. At an amazing price of only £10 I really couldn't say no, I've been wearing these way too much and should probably stop but they're just so beautiful! They are super comfy and look amazing with everything. And are still available in store and online (happy shopping!) :) 

What's your opinion?

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