To 22

A few days ago I turned 22 and my first thought when the clock hit 00:00 was 'I did not achieve any of the goals I set for 21' these goals weren't anything special, just predictable things like lose weight, save money, blog more etc. Whether it be a new year, month or age I always repeat the same pattern..set a goal, don't do it then get upset because I feel like I've failed life.

As Kylie Jenner once said, today I am 'like realising stuff', stuff like, fuck setting long term goals that will most likely be doable if I didn't put them on a pedestal and fuck thinking about what I haven't done and start thinking about what I have done.

Although it doesn't feel like it, a lot of things changed for me whilst being 21. Some low points were living in a shared house with people I didn't get along with, my mental health spiralling downwards, losing friends, suffering with social anxiety among other bad times but on the other hand, a lot of good things happened! For example, I started counselling for my anxiety (which massively helped), got into my second year of university, got into a relationship, started going to the gym more frequently, got a tattoo, attended my first Sofar Sounds event.. and so much more.

To end this, I would like to say to future 22 year-old-me.. unfortunately no ones life is as perfect as they make out to be. Life will challenge you and you will have your bad days but you will also have your good days. Sometimes you wont realise how good something is until it is gone, so make sure to live in the present, take nothing for granted and most importantly, have fun.

What's your opinion?