Glossier - Boy Brow Review

Since their UK launch in October, it seems every influencer has been raving on about US beauty brand Glossier. Glossier products are designed to enhance natural beauty, not cover it. Not only do all their products contain only natural ingredients but the brand is also 100% currently free. I purchased their best-selling product, Boy Brow - but is it worth the hype? 

At £18 (including £4.00 delivery) Glossier's Boy Brow promises to thicken, fill and groom brows into place. Since I have very dark brows I purchased mine in the shade black, the other shades in this range are clear, brown, and blond.

Although the bottle is quite small, there is enough inside. As you can see in the image below, a lot of product comes off of the spoolie so I just wipe some off so I don't apply too much to my brows.

Upon the first application I applied the Boy Brow by itself. Now, unless you are blessed with thick and in shape brows then using the Boy Brow alone is not for you. Although it did fill in my brows, it couldn't do the job my brow pencils do of making 'fake' hairs where needed. So in conjunction with the Boy Brow, I used the Kiko Sculpt Pencil in the colour '06'.

As you can see, my brows are quite a mess. They have no shape and are guilty of being over plucked. 

The combination of the boy brow and the pencil is perfect. The pencil did a great job of lining up my brows and the boy brow gave them that thick, natural look.

Glossier did not lie when they said the Boy Brow would groom my brows into place, after applying and after a few hours, my brows never go in a hard state but remain just less than soft and are still easy to manipulate if needed.

I would 100% recommend this product to anyone looking to change their brow routine for a more natural one.
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What's your favourite Glossier product?

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